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The process of developing VISI is based on a principle: it's not about changing or primarily learning to do new things, but about doing the right thing better and better, based on everyday practices, with everyday processes. and want to do better. VISI, nothing extra, but business as usual. To achieve the highest sustainability ambitions there is NO NEED to spend more time and money if this is handled properly and effectively early in the project and if the team understands the mindset and REALLY wants it, it will always lead to success.

Therefore, the development approach aims to make improvements to the infrastructure processes and the seemingly new aspects, which have been explored in a theoretical form in e-learning, fit naturally into the current process.

The development process revolves around 'learning on the job': we get to know the participants and make sure that the tension is really experienced, not to cause resistance but to let people experience how you can be creative through collaboration. and learn to think outside the box. Sustainability is also about working together and unifying focus, dare to set ambition, dare to involve others, learn from experience and dare to make choices. We do this in a real project to make it concrete and personal, otherwise it would be too easy to revert to the old behavior. We do this of course under supervision to create a safe learning environment (or in real projects). The effect is that participants experience how it was possible, what worked for them and how they felt responsible for continuing to do this and improving it.

But it also allows them to better share what works and what doesn't, and how colleagues can suggest improvements.

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