Skills2Max started in 2018 as a personal brand name and website by
Mr Damy Heezen and recently he has formed a team to combine all the knowledge in his global network, with his personal mission to try to help Indonesia become one of the most developed countries in the world through nurturing reputable partnerships with experts around the world.

Why Skills2max?

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Educate a new generation by increasing knowledge and self-development to create a thriving and sustainable world for future generations.


​Offering a platform for anyone looking to improve their Skills2Max in collaboration with global professionals in training and coaching for our clients.


Ini akan menjadi tim setelah kami tumbuh menjadi PT

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Damy Heezen

Director Biz Skills

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Randy Tambayong

Director Design Skills

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Dr. Ichsan

Director Green Skills


Yuliyanti Heezen

Director Office

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Richard Ruijtenbeek

Expert VISI