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The CO2 Performance Ladder is a sustainability instrument
with the aim of increasing CO2 reduction substantial

in the company. It's about reducing business operations

and in chains. The company can achieve this through

collaboration and innovation are new to the whole chain.

The CO2 Performance Ladder is about energy saving,

reduction of CO2 in the chain and sustainable use of energy.

The CO2 Performance Ladder does not work with regulations for production methods or product regulations, but creates space for creativity and innovation in business operations and products. The CO2 Performance Ladder is a CO2 management system: it requires continuous improvement of insight, further CO2 reduction measures, communication and cooperation in business operations. In the implementation of the project, but also in the chain.

The CO2 Performance Ladder has five levels, increasing from 1 to 5. For each level, requirements are set for the CO2 performance of the company and its projects. These requirements arise from four perspectives: insight, emission reduction, transparency and participation. Megaborn is self-certified at step/level 5 of the performance ladder!

The company's place on the ladder is determined by the highest level at which the company meets all the requirements.












CO2 Performance Ladder in practice

Companies that submit tenders that incorporate the best value for money (BVFM) criteria for the CO2 Performance Ladder can meet these criteria in two different ways. In both cases, the company must demonstrate that it meets the BVFM criteria within one year of awarding the award and thereafter annually for the duration of the project.

  1. The first possibility is that the company owns and submits a CO2 awareness certificate. By this, the company demonstrates that the entire company is acting CO2 consciously, also in the projects it undertakes, where certificate levels and BVFM criteria are comparable.

  2. A second possibility is that the company demonstrates specifically at the project level that it meets the level of ambition and the underlying level at which tenders for the relevant projects have been tendered.

When bidding against BVFM's CO2 Performance Ladder criteria, having or obtaining a CO2 aware certificate is not a requirement, but a way to meet BVFM's criteria.

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