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Training VISI 2 days 

Maximum participants: 20
Can be done online via the internet
or offline at your office (in-house)

​In this training you will learn the whole thinking process and development of VISI's sustainable approach.
You learn interactively with the whole group, how to plan a project or how to make a tender, with the assurance that sustainability from phase 1 to phase 6 is applied across the entire project.

Training VISI 2 hari 

The difference with the 2-day training, with this training you immediately learn how to apply the sustainable approach of VISION in a real project that is being developed by your company or organization.
RICHARD RUIJTENBEEK, Sustainability expert from the Dutch national government and one of the experts who developed VISION, will train and mentor the team.
The result is that your project or tender plan can be implemented immediately after the training.

Maximum participants: 20
Can be done online via the internet
or offline at your office (in-house)

We provide training in areas such as VISI, for everyone involved in project development, both for the government and for the companies involved. In addition, we provide training that supports working on sustainability, such as training in the areas of: integrated project management, functional specifications, tenders and contracts, giving on sustainability, risk management, sustainable master plans, sustainable design, energy generation (green) and energy calculations.

Training is based on project experience. Our team of experts and partners have extensive experience delivering training and are also co-developers and founders of the Sustainable Infrastructure Approach (Aanpak Duurzaam GWW) in the Netherlands. And as project applicators, we are knowledgeable about what works and what can be improved. Therefore, our knowledge is very broad and we are happy to share it.

During our training, basic skills are developed and improved and new methods are introduced. Our training courses provide direct translation to your own practice. During the training, the participant's practice is central and the working method is characterized as 'learning by doing'. This combination of proven case studies and practice has proven its effectiveness over the years. In addition, practical tools are provided to act and communicate more effectively. by practitioners.

With the VISI training you learn in practice how to achieve sustainability in infrastructure projects. And you learn to map sustainability opportunities and ambitions and define actions and actors.

We have 2 training courses to learn what the VISI sustainable approach is, how to use the tools and how to achieve a guaranteed sustainable tender process and project requirements and/or project plans.

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E-Learning & Workshops

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VISI development process

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Project Coaching

Our basic courses are:

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