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Goals course

E-learning & workshops have the following learning objectives:

  • Gain insight into the possible implementation of VISI;

  • Gain insight into implementing various tools;

  • Gain insight into how the tool relates to other methodologies and how it works with others in clarifying questions, contracts, and realizations within a project;

  • Insights into how different methodologies support communication;

  • Implementation of the VISI on a case-by-case basis.


The training begins with a digital training package (e-learning) of approximately 6 hours. This package consists of 4 learning modules including audio. Discusses the background of the VISI (module 1), the process and methodology of the Approach (module 2) and the instruments used in the Approach (module 3). The fourth module includes a final exam in preparation for the second part, the workshop. The hands-on workshops last half a day and consist of reflections on e-learning, conducting practical simulations at MDIB and a series of actions to provide practical comments and tips. The workshop focuses on the background of the participants/participating organizations.

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