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In the Netherlands, the government has been very active over the last 20 years in developing policies to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. Over the past year, our partners, in collaboration with the government, have developed various tools that ensure sustainable implementation. This has been and is now being implemented on a large scale. This toolkit has been introduced by the Dutch government as a policy for all project developments and we see a great opportunity for Indonesia to use this knowledge and experience as a toolkit under the name Vision for VISI. With our international platform, we have taken the initiative to translate these tools into Indonesian and teach project teams how to make their projects more sustainable through training.

These tools are ready

Sustainable Scan

Analyzing policies and mapping the sustainability of tasks



A0 Circle Diagram MDIB (29).png

Formulate, record and defend sustainability ambitions

Tools that we will bring in the near future

​Sustainable Construction Calculator

Calculate the environmental impact and energy consumption of materials.

Tangga Kinerja CO2 (1).png

Co2 Performance Ladder

Tangga Kinerja CO2.png

CO2 Reduction
in business operations, projects and chains

Schematic representation of which tools are used where in the process

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