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This coaching process serves to further direct and encourage the implementation of the VISI on projects in general, of course, both within the organization and external parties.

A number of core objectives have been formulated for this coaching process:

  • Ensuring that sustainability in the project is maximized and VISI is handled properly (internally and externally);

  • Ensure that Sustainability is well embedded in the documents for the initiative, plan phase, design phase, bidding, contract and choice of market approach method and construction organization model;

  • Ensure learning experiences are secured and shared across departments and projects;

  • Ensure that VISI is anchored in the waterboard working method and provide on-site support of the project.


To ensure that sustainability and VISI are properly addressed in the project to be defined and that sustainability opportunities are exploited, it is desirable that a number of activities be carried out in a more conditional sense.

In projects around the shell we will have a coaching role in a sort of 'QA-Quality Assurance'. VISI's coaching/advising background and expertise with extensive experience in various large and small projects and policy aspects to provide the right advice/ideas and encourage the right coaching.

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