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Mitra VISI


 "Collaboration and Innovation for Resilience through Circular Economy (CIRCLE)"

Is a concept that aims to improve the performance of sustainable development based on a circular economy


With PT Bina Karya (Persero) we have agreed to deploy our instruments in the near future for all future projects that should be the most sustainable, in which PT Bina Karya (Persero) plays a role.
In addition, we also agreed to optimize the circular and sustainable development initiative of PT Bina Karya (Persero)

'CIRCLE', using the design methodology of the municipality of Amsterdam as an example.


Finally, we want to jointly develop a new sustainability standard by which PT Bina Karya (Persero) wants to certify all infrastructure objects for sustainability and circularity with the future 'CIRCLE' as the instrument.

Industrial Printing

'Integral Method of Public Space Design'

2 books developed by the municipality of Amsterdam. Book 1 is a case study of the Amstelstad city block which has now been converted into the energy-free, climate-resilient and fully circular Retrovit area as an example for the entire city. Book 2 is a design method that will be applied throughout the city of Amsterdam with the aim that by 2040 the entire city will be the same as Amstelstad. It meant that every street in the city had to be changed.

For our project and book launch

'Integral Design Method Public Space'

developed by the City of Amsterdam, Andi Publisher is our partner in book design, printing and book sales. Together we will promote the Indonesian version of the book throughout the country and on Andi Pubisher's network through his 27 offices in Indonesia.

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Watch the video above in English about this method to make Amsterdam 100% energy and climate neutral by 2040 and 100% circular on building materials.

In the Netherlands, VISI (Duurzaam GWW) and its tools support and motivate sustainable development, and based on this, the municipality of Amsterdam has developed the Method of Integral Design of Public Spaces and published this in a book.

Damy Heezen has made this book available in Indonesian with the permission of the municipality of Amsterdam in Indonesia.

Our MDIB platform is supported by the Public Space, Planning & Sustainability team from the Municipality of Amsterdam and RRR-Advice.


Their experts support us on all issues with their network of experts and experience.

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Duurzaam GWW is an approach method for sustainable project development that has been used in the Netherlands for more than 15 years and since the last decade has been improved and adapted to the policies of the Dutch National government by the Dutch Ministry of PUPR.

RRR-Advice is one of the National Sustainability Experts who helped develop this method and share this knowledge with Skills2max.

We have created our own version for Indonesia which we call, VISI (Vision Infrastruktur Sustainable Indonesia) and the Ambiton Web 2.0 tool we call M.D.I.B. (Metode Desain Indonesia Berkelanjutan) to ensure;

- Lower project development costs (20-40%)
- The most sustainable project
- More profitable projects

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