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Proses Kebijakan

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The process of creating VISI

Step 1 - Making a statement

Work on sustainability across the project organization begins with a statement by the board.
A statement saying "we will do it", and a statement based on recent relevant political and social events such as the signing of the climate agreement.

Group Lecture

Step 2 Define a vision

After preparing the mission statement, develop the following vision.
A clear vision of sustainability is necessary for the organization to perform well. It provides organizational direction, brings focus and engages employees and residents of a region. It gives inspiration, enthusiasm and purpose. People want and start working to realize the vision.

Strategic Policy

Step 1 - Create support

Organizations are facing major changes due to global focus/urgency to Sustainable development. This requires a clear effort from the organization, with consequences for both the organization and the individual. Such changes require support. Your organization must support the new mission/vision to work on all projects.

Urban Garden
Student Group Brainstorm

Step 2 - Choose a strategy

If there is support within the organization to initiate sustainability, a strategy should be defined. A strategy is implemented within the organization that provides guidance in the short and long term on how to achieve the goals and visions that have been set and where to work with the VISI.
We can develop this strategy together with your organization.

Step 3 - Drafting an agreement

In terms of working on sustainability, collaboration with other organizations is part of the strategy developed to realize the vision of the organization. To strengthen this cooperation, an agreement was made stating that they would work together towards a common goal. Collaboration that goes beyond the client-contractor relationship, but also focuses on mutual development and knowledge sharing. We support the conclusion of this agreement and act as a liaison between the initiator (eg government organization) and the relevant participants in the agreement.

Signing Contract

Executive Policy

Step 1 - Create an Implementation Program

It is important to develop an implementation program to move from the mission, vision and strategy to the implementation of the VISI. During program implementation, policy objectives (mission, vision, strategy) are translated into concrete actions and interventions ('how' are we going to do it?).
We suggest organizations in the implementation of this program and actively involve other organizations that must also contribute to the implementation of the program.

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Step 2 - Create a Sustainability Guide

A clear and unambiguous mission, vision, strategy and program is essential for initiating sustainability. However, for many organizations it is still unclear how best to handle this. Manuals on working on sustainability within projects,
in different project phases and for different functions within
an organization can help in this regard.
We have prepared this manual for several sectors and/or organizations.

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