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The leading Teacher

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Damy Heezen is the leading teacher
to teach you everything
BIZ SKILLS together with
his network of experts.

We are all shaped by the environment as we grow and learn.
We rarely show our true selves, because of the influence of others around us.

When you learn to show others who you are, then you are finally free from all the chains that sometimes choke and prevent you from achieving your true potential and thus your feeling of success!

He has more than 20 years of experience as CEO/Manager/trainer in many types of business and is experienced within all specialism of a company. With his focus on the psychology of human performance in behavior and communication balanced on their competencies and hard skills, he aims to improve the overall quality performance of any company, thus the results.

His interest is how to use these skills to contribute to a sustainable future where humans empower businesses to balance the social economy and with that benefit the environment for future generations. This is by triggering individual empowerment with an urgent feeling of responsibility and involvement.

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