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The MDIB is a tool for structured recording and storage of sustainability ambitions across projects. The MDIB is a visual representation of the twelve sustainability themes and their associated levels of ambition. Thanks to the efforts of MDIB, it was possible to translate the sustainability ambitions of the organization's general policy memorandum into projects. MDIB can also be used very well when translating organizational goals into socially responsible procurement.

The MDIB consists of three levels:

Level 1:

'Understand' the greatest sustainability burden on the theme. Further realization of the minimum sustainability performance that is at least equal to or better than the 'grey situation'. For example, meeting at least the criteria of the Ministry of PUPR.
Level 2:

Set concrete reduction targets and realize significant improvements to this theme.
Level 3:

Plus: not 'less bad' no negatives taxes (climate neutral, energy neutral, bicycle lock) or even positive contributions to this theme, for example energy supply.

12 themes and sub-themes in 3 main groups;


























The preparation of the MDIB output usually takes place during an interactive session with all involved under the guidance of an (experienced) facilitator. Some organizations already have one. You can use MDIB in several ways:

  • Generic MDIB at the policy or program level: You apply the generic MDIB at the policy level and not to a specific project. The generic MDIB provides direction for programs and projects. It can be aimed at the entire organization or at a specific policy theme or sub-program.

  • MDIB Project: The MDIB Project is used to jointly define a project's sustainability ambitions. If you have a generic MDIB, you can use it as a starting point.

  • MDIB Evaluation: The ambition evaluation network is used to evaluate how sustainable the project is in reality. You can then explain this to the client.

In order for the MDIB preparation to run smoothly and correctly, it is better if this session is guided by an external facilitator. We have extensive experience overseeing ambition web sessions.

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